Prairie Skies

We recently drove across Alberta’s northern prairies during a rain storm.

We passed beautiful canola fields.

And then we left the storm behind as we continued our drive through the Rocky Mountains.

The western provinces are very different from each other but very beautiful.

We are home now in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

How is your July?

14 thoughts on “Prairie Skies”

  1. How wonderful to be among the mountains. Beautiful photos. Don’t know if you’re on a vacation, but whatever it is, enjoy.

  2. My wife and I had a Canadian vacation a few years ago. We flew into Calgary, where we met up with a friend who drove us to a really sweet cabin on Shuswap Lake, near Salmon arm, BC. Anywhere near you? It was so beautiful, I thought my heart would break.
    July hasn’t been too bad here, high temperatures around 85f, 30c with tolerable humidity. My wife’s gardens are all looking good and it’s pretty much happy times all the way around. Give us this day…

    1. Yes – Shuswap Lake is not far! Yes, it is very beautiful – I have had holidays there also. 🙂
      It’s very hot here (36°C/98°F today) and dry but that’s normal for this area. We are at the very northern tip of the Sonoran Desert (not far from the Shuswap but very different climate). Makes the wine grapes grow! 🙂
      Good to hear that there are happy times all around. 🙂

      1. When we were there we went to a tasting at Recline Ridge. I don’t even really like wine that much (Bourbon and BC hydro) but I was so caught up in the experience I stilled enjoyed it very much. Can’t wait to go back.

        1. My home is in the center of wine country (and fruit country as well). Going to the wineries is fun even if you don’t like wine that much. The views are usually fantastic and there’s often a good restaurant. 🙂

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