An Okanagan Hike

We recently enjoyed some hiking in the Okanagan.

The weather was glorious (especially after our chilly northern snowscape) and we enjoyed it immensely.

There was a little snow at the higher elevations, but mostly there was just some lovely melting.

There will soon be lots of grapes and a new wine season …

… time to enjoy some some summer sippers. 🙂

And an update: we have now returned to the Northwest Territories and have brought some favourite bottles with us. Wonderful to have the warmth of that valley with us as we continue to face up and down temperatures and more snow.

How is your spring coming along?

16 thoughts on “An Okanagan Hike”

    1. It really was a beautiful day and we so enjoyed it! 🙂

      We are back to the snow – it’s gotten warmer in the last 10 days or so but we’re only just out of the minus 20C weather! I’m really tired of the snow and cold now and want it to warm up!

  1. Ha, what spring? No spring here. I hope winter doesn’t take over our summer, too. We had a couple of inches of snow yesterday! It’s too late in the year to survive for long, so it melted today. Now I just heard we’re in for another 2 inches tomorrow. Ugh. When I used to live here growing up, I don’t ever remember snow in April, let alone this late in the month. They’re saying this will be our last bout with it, but I thought the last two were the “last bout.”

    Love your scenic photos. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy nicer temps and some blue skies. What’s the weather like back in the NW Territories? I think it’s warmer at the north pole than here right now. ;-P

    1. Thank you – it really was a beautiful day and I had some great material to work with. 🙂

      I think I know what you’re saying. Even here, people are grumping along, complaining about the snow. It’s only recently that we have come out of the -20C territory into something closer to melting, although there’s been quite a bit of back and forth. We’re supposed to have +10 by the weekend but I’ll believe it when I see it!

      I hope it is indeed your last bout and that you warm up soon! 🙂

  2. So, as I’m studying the first photo, I’m thinking, well, this bit of land is already partially cleared, and with just a bit more effort I could build a cabin right there, with THAT view, and yeah, I would be perfectly content…

    1. The route we took is the site of an old railroad track that has been turned into a trail. Yup, that view is pretty amazing. The best thing about it though is that on the way back down you can stop at a really great little winery and minister to your sore muscles with a nice glass. 🙂

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