Getting Around

I arrived in the Northwest Territories at the end of February for a work assignment. It was -25C and one of the roads leading to the small community where I’m currently staying looked like this.

Very cold; very beautiful.

Here’s another view of the same road taken about an hour later.

Northern winter days are short.

If you watch Ice Road Truckersyou might be interested in this ice road that goes across Great Slave Lake from Yellowknife to a small community called Dettah. M and I drove across the frozen lake at -35C.

Great Slave Lake – very frozen!

Here’s a short video.


An ice castle was being built on the lake.

An ice lake ice castle.

The Snow King lives.

Two months later, the days are much longer – it gets completely dark at about 9:30 – and it has become much warmer. The south is a lot further ahead but it is spectacular here, too.

Great Slave Lake.

How is your spring?