For J

This is for my beloved sister J, who passed away on December 26 after a short struggle with cancer. I love you, J.


You have always been kind and tough and thoughtful and practical.

And you learned early how to deal with the family’s narcissists. Before it was popular, you knew a kind of no contact and lived it. Your own kind.

Distance did it. Physical distance. Mental distance.

I, much younger, didn’t really know you.

Not until much later. Not until now, really.

And then, we faced another narcissist. This time, together. Looked at our heritage.

But you handled that, too. Adroitly, as you always have. Even as you grew smaller and smaller and your world grew smaller and smaller.

The one who wasn’t “smart.”

The one who always knew but didn’t fuss. Just lived.

I’ve had a good long life, you said.

I wish it was longer.

I wish I didn’t have to say good-bye.

18 thoughts on “For J”

  1. My deepest condolences on the loss of your sister ‘J’.

    The door shall not close
    © J.M Tacken

    We shall not close the door or say goodbye
    We simply stand and wave
    The world now left – a different place
    As your life we couldn’t save

    We know at times ~ your life was hard
    You had obstacles and pain
    Though you hardly ever grumbled
    This was simply not your way

    Amongst those you loved ~ now left behind
    Of family and treasured friends
    Know that they will smile once more
    But their hearts ~ need time to mend

    You have taught us how to conquer
    And taught us what is brave
    And this, we’ll use in our own lives
    With what we do ~ each day

    So if we must ~ wave to you
    As you leave this earthly coil
    It is not final – nor complete
    We just wished you’d stayed a while

    Our hands, will be held in your hands
    As you journey on to rest and
    With love ~ we say goodbye dear J
    In knowing you ~ we were so blessed

    Hugs darling, I hope you find some solace in those words.

  2. So sorry to hear that. Loss of the people we love is just so damn hard to swallow. Hardest thing in life. Lovely tribute to your sister.

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