9 thoughts on “Is your dog’s health at risk? Read my surprising NYT story

  1. Our current temp at the airport is 38C which means it’s at least 40 in town. I did a temp check on the concrete on our deck last week and it was 56.6C. People don’t realize what the temp is for their poor dogs feet on pavement or concrete.

    • Thank you very much. 🙂

      My divorce was also very contentious, and he did try to draw it out and make it as expensive as he could. I saw what was happening and decided to buy him off. He couldn’t help himself (I knew he wouldn’t be able to) and he agreed to a divorce and signed off on it quickly. Months of haranging (and a death threat) followed, though. Thankfully, there were no children involved. I don’t even want to imagine what that’s like.

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