Jitter All the Way

I’m not a morning person, but even if I was, I would still love coffee. Strong coffee. Turkish coffee. Arabic coffee. Cafe mocha. To me, coffee has all the nuance and complexity of a good wine.

Unless it’s plonk coffee.

And I know that this is some sort of national heresy, but when I think plonk, Tim Horton’s springs to mind. Well, it doesn’t spring. Their coffee has all the kick of grandpa’s walker.

Coffee is one of the best times of the day, even if it does mean that I’m propped up somewhere instead of sleeping.

Coffee has done a lot for me, too. For one thing, it has kept me awake enough to be employed. For another, it’s probably saved me from countless charges of road rage and the like.

Without coffee, I’d be unemployed and in jail. It’s amazing what coffee can do.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become sensitive to it. Which is weird, because it seems like everything else is desensitizing. I don’t see as well. I don’t hear as well. Calories arrive and take up permanent residence anywhere they can find a squat. I consider it to be a good day if I don’t wake up to another sag.

It used to be that coffee would never keep me awake, no matter what time I drank it. Then I couldn’t drink it in the evenings. Then I noticed that the afternoons were problematic. Then I noticed that it could make me a little shaky. Drinking coffee all day became a thing of the past.

Mornings, though. Those were sacrosanct.

So this morning while sitting at work, I noticed a slight tremor in my hands. I also felt a little jittery. As I reached for my coffee, I realized that I was consuming my fourth large cup. Could my hands and the coffee be related???

My cup holds a quarter of a litre.

Oh oh. Was I on my way to drinking a litre of coffee a morning??? Oi.

I thought about it. I thought, I don’t usually drink this much coffee.

Then I thought, yes I do.


And no, I don’t mean poo-poop-de-do civet coffee, either.


I’m not giving up coffee. I’ll cut back, but I’m not giving it up.

While I was thinking about it, I decided that there’s some other stuff I’m not giving up.



Red wine.

Maybe the odd cigar.

You’ll have to pry this stuff from my cold shaking hands.

Well okay, okay. Maybe I will have to sort of give it up at some time.

But never completely.

What will you never give up?


21 thoughts on “Jitter All the Way”

  1. Yup, coffee. Love the stuff although I have cut down. And only real coffee – not that awful instant muck. Years ago, I did give it up for a while as someone told me it might improve my back pain. Go figure…. Anyway, I gave it up for six months or so and drank that ghastly herbal tea stuff. Yes, my back got better but it probably would’ve done anyway and I’ve been drinking coffee ever since with no problem. I could give up alcohol easily. It’s just quite sociable but I can always enjoy a light Coke instead.

    1. Herbal tea – that stuff will kill you. 😉

      Sorry to hear about your back. Is it an aging nasty?

      Yes, wine drinking is quite sociable, but I have to say that I often have a glass just out of sheer enjoyment. If I had to give it up I would really miss it. 😦

  2. Coffee is good for you, keep drinking! 🙂 Actually, I cut back a few years ago. I was drinking an entire pot by myself. I love it black and very strong. I could never give it up though. I also enjoy black tea.

    1. Thank you for saying that! 🙂 When I had my heart trouble last year I was told to give it up but the cardiologist who gave me the all-clear said that it’s good “in moderation.” I think I’ve been well past that, though. 😦 Yes, I also enjoy black tea, as long as it’s strong. 🙂

  3. Lovely post. Hope the jitters don’t get worse. I’m a coffee addict too. As I write this, I’m sipping on my coffee. I’m not about to give up on it… nor my wine… nor my curries. Thankfully, I did manage to give up on chocolate 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I forgot about curries – I love those, too! Have you noticed that most of what I don’t want to give up is something is something I swallow? Yikes. That says a lot. 😉

  4. I had a terrible time living on decaf during my cancer treatment. Drinking decaf is like kissing your sister. Sometimes you need to do it but it’s not very satisfying! Loved your post!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Oh my, Nelson. Isn’t that just one of the worst things about medical treatment? You know you have to do it but the treatment sometimes seems worse than the disease! My M was diagnosed with diabetes in January – too much good living – but has since lost weight and completely changed his diet. It was really hard for him but his numbers are now only a little above normal and his doctor is delighted. He likely won’t need medication.

      Hope you are feeling well, my blog friend. 🙂

      1. Well kudos to M and you for your support. Sometimes we can’t accomplish great things without the support of our loved ones. I’m doing well other than a few minor issues like not being able to drink alcohol due to one of the meds from my treatment. 😦

        I hope you’ve recovered from all of your medical travails.

        Take care.

        1. Thanks, Nelson. 🙂 I believe I have. It’s almost a year now and no sign of any more heart stuff. And, I have a new hip – I was in an accident some years ago and it finally deteriorated. It really is totally great.

          You take care, too.

  5. I’ll never give up chocolate. No way.

    This morning I forgot my coffee, so I drove to starbucks. But their power was out. So I drove to the next starbucks. But it was a madhouse with three different lines going through the drivethru, all the way down the 4-lane road. And then about 30 high schoolers crossed over to go in.

    I died. This is being written from heaven.

    1. And you were much too young to die, and a new bride at that! How crappy did that turn out out to be?? Yikes.

      PS – really missed your posts while you were away dodging sharks. Good to have you back. 🙂

  6. I’ve really never been a coffee drinker. Tea I understand; coffee, though, always seemed bitter and unpleasant with the promise that if I drank enough of it I wouldn’t mind the bitterness or unpleasantness. This seems daft.

    1. Drinking something unpleasant in order to get used to it is daft. Especially if it isn’t some medicinal something or other. 🙂

      I drink tea sometimes, but it has to be real tea, not fruit tea or whatever those other teas are. Seems like there’s a million of them!

  7. I’m with you – and I love it that you included the “odd cigar.” I quit smoking, and have already proven I can’t be trusted, so no cigars for me, but I love it that you entertain that particular indulgence.

  8. I m with you on coffee. Being hot and brown is not enough. I recently replaced my 39 year old Braun burr grinder with a new burr grinder. The first one crapped out and was replaced by another, which can not grind to fine grind espresso standards. I pulled the old Braun out, shaved off some plastic tabs to bring the worn burrs back together and Voila, excellent coffee. Looks like grinders age like fine wine. Obviously, DeLonghi grinders are not the same quality as their espresso machines. Here’s to coffee. Allan

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