Death Takes a Holiday

So I’m stuck in the hospital.

I don’t think it’s too serious but suffice it to say that my heart became a little glitchy on Tuesday morning. Officially, what happened is called supraventrical dysrythmia. Great name, huh? What this means is that electricity wasn’t passing properly through my heart and caused a weak, crazily fast rhythm. Would have outdone the “zoom zoom” kid on the Toyota ads.

It was a really nasty experience. Especially the medication they gave me that stopped my heart and restarted it. When they said that I would momentarily feel like I was dying, they were right.

But the EMTs and emergency people really  were fabulous. Without them, I might not be here.

I even got to ride in an ambulance.

Don’t know how long I will be here in hospital, but I’m taking it in stride, even if it can be a little tedious. At the same time, I also realize that I need to be here, to rest and recuperate.

I also realize that I’m re- assessing, too. Stuff that seemed so important three days ago no longer seems very important at all.

I have been tested, poked and prodded and there’s more coming.

But one great thing is that I’ve spent some real quality time with WordPress, reading and reading while at the same time just being taken care of.

From that perspective, it’s been great.

The idea of having time has been great.

There’s nothing like an acute encounter with death to refocus you on the important stuff.

I’m glad he was on holiday.

24 thoughts on “Death Takes a Holiday”

  1. I’m glad he was on holiday too! I’d hate to lose such a great blogging buddy.

    What a terrible experience. I sincerely hope this is the last nasty episode for you and the rest of your life is filled with good health and joy.

    Stay in touch my friend.

          1. Thanks so much for asking, Nelson – I am at home resting, but mild exercise is encouraged. I am also taking medication to prevent another episode of dysrythmia until we can figure out why this happened in the first place. I am feeling well if a little tired. 🙂

  2. Oh Lynette – poor you – and you write so casually about your awful experience. Sending you lots of blessings, luck and friendly warmth across the miles – get well soon – you’re in the best place – let them take care of you! Jenny x

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t feel casual about it – just lowering my tone so to speak so that I don’t freak out! It’s been a very strange, surreal experience and I’m sire that I’ll be writing more about it.

      Have a good holiday – I’m completely jealous! 🙂

  3. Oh I’m so sorry about what happened to you. It’s lovely that you still saw the positives of the situation & remembered to be grateful. Rest up. Best wishes for your full recovery. 🙂

  4. Oh Lynette, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been/are ill… I can identify what you mean.. as last summer when I almost died, I realized some drama that had been so all-consuming suddenly ‘wasn’t’… take care ..Hope to hear good news soon about your total recovery Diane

    1. Thanks, Diane. 🙂 I am at home now resting and really working at looking after myself. I am also taking medication to prevent another episode but it will be a few weeks until we figure why this happened.

      1. I guess some things take time but it always seems to take ‘weeks’… and when it’s medical issues it’s hard… take care of yourself…I’ll be thinking of you … Diane

  5. Oh sweetheart! I am glad death took a holiday too, I hope you are ok?? What on earth have you been doing to cause this? PLEASE take care of you. Recovering with WP…oh dear you have a fever too! Love ya, no more scary episodes .”ok listening to me? xoxoxoxo ❤

    1. I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary – just my usual stuff. I am now at home and will have to rest for the next six weeks – particularly as we still have to get to the bottom of why it happened. More testing!

      I am taking care of myself and am also enjoying the fact that it’s actually pretty nice! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, this is frightening to hear. The stopping of your heart… sounds terrifying. I hope you are getting some rest, recuperating, and that the doctors are getting this whole thing nailed to the ground. Be well!

  7. Oh, i hope you are doing o.k. I love how at the end, you use this as a moment to reevaluate and reassess. I mean this in a positive way- I look forward to seeing how you will use this awareness in your life. take care of yourself!!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly. I am still processing and mulling. The one thing that’s become really clear is that I want to be with my husband – he has a job that’s 4 hrs. away and he’s commuting. I was supposed to stay here and finish up before retiring – I have one yr. left. It’s difficult, though, not to feel like I’m over-reacting! It’s really something of a confusing time for me.

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