Then he’d look off some place in the distance… At something only he could see

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An Upturned Soul


Old Cowboy by HCui

Often in life we yearn for someone to know us, to be interested in who we are, to explore us and understand us. Sometimes it feels like an unrequited yearning.

Sometimes that which is unrequited is better that way. Unrequited love is a love which never dies because it is never truly born to life, it is permanently in gestation. It is a wish which we can wish forever and never regret having wished for it when it comes true and confronts us with the reality of a fulfilled dream.

Reality is so different from dreams, ideals, wishes and all that which is fed by our imagination. It is neither better nor worse, it’s just different.

“And he’d tell you a tale of the old days
When the country was wild all around”

There is only one person who knows me almost as well as I…

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