A Whole Year, with Thanks

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So WordPress reminded me a couple of days ago that it was my anniversary! I’ve been blogging for a whole year! I think it’s time for a round-up!

October, 2012 – I started the year all serious. I was going to  save the world from narcissists!

November – Still serious about the dreaded narcs. Was starting to realize that there was a lot more to write about, though, and a lot of interesting stuff to read, like why I shouldn’t fear potatoes and why google is better than yahoo.  With names like that, recreational water torture is probably better.

December – I wrote a couple of rants about the holidays. I hate shopping, so shoot me now. Happy Thankshallowmas. Jenny Pellett thought this was great – thanks, Jenny :). Btw, there are lots of great writers around here named Jenny .

January – I was back at work after some medical leave and then got sick. Go figure. Water was a central feature of my life.

February – I did a couple of fairly well-received posts on narcissism and then moved on to other things.

March – I was back ranting and/or commenting again and began thinking about changing the name of my blog.

April – I changed my name! No more Mr. Narc Guy. Well, mostly.

May – I wrote a lot of random stuff. And then I wrote a post called Random Stuff.

June – I did some whining about how I’m not a morning person. You’d think that I would have this out of my system, but oh no. I just found out that non-morning types live shorter, unhealthier lives. If I wasn’t awake when I first started reading the article, I was certainly awake afterward. Since then, I have radically changed how I deal with sleep, I eat healthier, I exercise more … yeah, right.

July – I dipped my toe in the fictional waters again after a long absence.

August – M and I got married!

September – Waaahhh! I broke my computer! When it recovered, I started whining about the holidays again. Yup. That would be me.

October, 2013 – Only one post from me, because I’m monumentally busy with a change-of-career project that I’m working on. I’ve been reading all of you, though, and enjoying your posts thoroughly! 🙂

But this post together with a post from Rarasaur got me thinking. How long do we bloggers last? The shelf-life seems pretty short. Many people whom I started following last year don’t post anymore, even though they were doing well. Is keeping up the blogging harder than people anticipate? Do many not really understand what they’re getting into and how they are essentially making a commitment when they click that “follow” button? What do you think? Any thoughts about this?

In any case, I want to send a sincere thank you to all those who follow me or have clicked like – I appreciate you all. 🙂

17 thoughts on “A Whole Year, with Thanks”

  1. What a year we’ve had! Congratulations on your blog birthday – I’ve enjoyed keeping up with all your posts and indeed got a bit panicky when things went quiet for a bit. Thanks for the mention in dispatches above – I feel very singled out and privileged.
    You do raise an interesting point here about how long do we last. I suppose as long as folks keep reading? Someone asked me how I come up with things to write about each week and I think a lot of inspiration comes from fellow bloggers. Something I read might tip a distant memory, so I scribble down notes to use at a later date. Other times odd things happen which either turn into rants or musings.
    I’d never thought about a shelf life before. Do you think we’re getting past our sell by date?

    1. You are so welcome, Jenny. Your posts are terrific and I’m spreading the word a little 🙂 Thanks also for your concern – I was in a bit of a sticky wicket with the whole computer thing, but you’re right. I have felt the same thing when others who have been fairly constant just suddenly stop. I am sorry to have worried you 😦

      I don’t think we have reached our sell by date at all – I agree that I will probably keep posting as long as people keep reading. I was just wondering about this as most people don’t seem to last much more than a year while the “veterans” seem to be around the four- or five-year mark. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Happy Blog Birthday – I think everyone who reads should sing 🙂 Thank you also for the mention that was very sweet and generous of you.You are right though once we start it is a hard task at times to keep up, I have found myself slowing down a bit but I shall continue for as long as there are wonderful people who wish to read me as much as I enjoy reading them. Thank you for the friendship, thank you for the laughs – I am glad we have become virtual blog friends. 🙂 xx

  3. I think the original thrill of blogging and being involved with a new online community does wear off, but it’s still a great way to practice writing. I wonder what I’ll be doing after another 8 months.

    1. It does, doesn’t it? But I also look forward to my favourite posters (some of whom have become virtual friends) and I feel very grateful for this. 20 years ago it would have been very unlikely that I would have met any of them. And you’re right; it is good practise!

  4. Happy blogiversary! Sorry for the lateness! I love this layout for a celebratory post– it puts a whole year in perspective, doesn’t it? It looks like yours was filled with positive things– here’s wishing for more of the awesome!

  5. Am enjoying your old posts, especially this one. I hear you on the disappearing bloggers. Hard to believe I am still posting after more than 4 years, but so many others are merely names that have disappeared into the ether. All the best in 2019 Lynette. Allan

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