Remembrance Day

In Canada, today is Remembrance Day. Today, we remember those who have given their lives to preserve the greater good, those who gave us what we have today. Both my parents were veterans of World War II. My dad escaped from Dunkirk and later, in 1944, helped to liberate France and the Netherlands. He went […]

Simple Things

Life turns on the simple things, I believe. They are the things that keep us going, that provide us with that little boost, that make life worth living. In no particular order, here are some simple things that I really enjoy: 1. Chocolate. The darker, the better. And if it arrives as a brownie, I’m […]

The Impossible Phenotype

Originally posted on Blame the Amygdala:
Unmodified model (left) Modified image (right) I recently came across this 37 second video posted on the website Upworthy by Laura Willard, and it demonstrates how by using computer software the image of female models can be modified to an impossible, yet preferred, ideal. The video is creepy for any…