It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas … Wait … It’s Still September, Right?

christmas 2007
(Photo credit: paparutzi)

Am I hallucinating, or is it still September? Because yesterday, I went into one of the local hardware stores and what to my wondering eyes should appear but eight rows of Christmas lights, and icicles, and pre-lit Christmas trees. Just remove from box.

Standing there in my shorts and sandals, I was sure that I was experiencing some sort of flashback.

My gag reflex is working overtime but it seems I have to start swallowing some Christmas pudding already.

I’m no marketer, but are there really that many eager Christmas light buyers in September? Or is it as I suspect – that we have to suffer this nonsense every year because it’s being shoved down our throats? And earlier and earlier?

Next thing you know, Peter Rabbit‘s bunny trail is going to be covered in tinsel. He won’t know whether to crap an egg or lay a turd.

It’s nauseating. Pass the Christmas pudding.

We haven’t even had Thanksgiving or Hallowe’en yet. Ho ho ho.

And I’m offended and appalled at the idea of Remembrance Day poppies having to compete with candy canes and tiny reindeer. It’s crass, disrespectful and downright ignorant.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Christmas. But commercial enterprises are trying to turn it into a year-round, debt-inducing crusade for stuff-buying.

Do I need to learn to accept the fact that Christmas has nothing whatsoever to do with spirituality, the winter solstice, family, food and fun and everything to do with masses of lucre and just shut up and stop whining?

Or should we be making our opposition – for many of us, anyway – to this charade known? Apparently, 68% of Americans don’t want to be exposed to Christmas advertising before Thanksgiving, which in their country, takes place at the end of November. I’m sure that in Canada, the numbers are similar.

Hang on a second. Let me throw up first, and then I’ll choke down some more Christmas pudding.

13 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas … Wait … It’s Still September, Right?”

  1. I got a mag in the mail this week with a Christmas tree on the front cover. Totally not ready – I still haven’t taken down my outdoor tent and lawn furniture. I want to hang on to summer and not skip an entire season… The décor store I worked in would be getting shipments of sparkle penguins in July. I hear ya…

    1. Yup, my yard furniture is still out, too. I agree, I really feel as if I’m being pushed to skip a season – a good way of putting it, btw. It’s been really hot here and I just want to enjoy the autumn temperatures right now – not think about Christmas!

  2. I love this post and agree with all of it. Our local food superstore has been selling mince pies for the last three weeks and I saw Christmas cards on sale in London during the summer holiday. I don’t want to think about Christmas until December – there’s something rather satisfying in all the rushing round the shops buying last minute presents. I can’t bear these people who have already wrapped their presents by August.

    1. Yes – I just saw fruit cakes and other Christmasy sweets at my local supermarket. It goes on for so long now that there’s absolutely nothing special about it any more, including dashing around for gifts at the last minute! 🙂

  3. I’m with you, on this one. I mean, seriously? Can’t they wait for the first major snowfall? How about wait until temps drop below 30 for a week or more! The last thing I want to think about while I’m spending an unconscionable amount of money on Halloween treats and costumes is the unconscionable amount of money these same stores expect me to spend on Christmas and this on top of the ridiculous amount of money families are expected to blow on their kids school clothes and supplies. I just try to avoid everywhere, this time of year. smdh.

    1. So true! But they might miss out on prying that extra buck or two from your pocket, even though as you point out it’s a very bad time of year for cash outlays. I try to avoid it, too, but it’s so difficult when it’s being thrown in your face at every turn.

  4. You made me laugh and yes sadly Christmas has knocked on our Supermarket doors already too. Happens earlier every year..I shall move out of your way before you throw up again 🙂 x

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