A New Name!

The Canadian men's ice hockey team celebrates ...
The Canadian men’s ice hockey team celebrates winning the gold medal in overtime over the United States during the 2010 Winter Olympics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s official – I have a new blog name! My particular thanks to Project Southsea for his suggestion which I then altered slightly. In his football obsessed (soccer) nation, the term “back of the net” is a reference to scoring a goal, but in Canada, a hockey obsessed nation, that term would mean that the puck is “behind” the net.

My puck is definitely in the net.

Two little words, big difference, so I made a couple of changes. I am, therefore, now officially called “In the Net! – Stories of Life and Narcissistic Survival.”

My original title, “Narcissism – One Woman’s True Story of Marriage to a Narcissist” is now a category title, and I still want to post about that topic and stick to my original intention of warning others about getting into relationships with these people. But as I indicated in my last post, there are many other things that I want to write about, too.

I will still have to closely guard my privacy by altering anything that could personally identify me or the people in my life, but there’s much that I can share.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me with your follows, your comments or just by clicking “like.” You are all very much appreciated.

So, if you’re interested, ask what you would like –  and with your permission, I may turn your question into a post!

13 thoughts on “A New Name!”

  1. A very suitable new name. I shall look forward to reading posts from you on all sorts of subjects; have fun with it – this blogging thing is addictive, isn’t it!

  2. It’s a fitting name. I’m glad you’re keeping your previous posts about narcissism survival. I look forward to more posts from you. 🙂

  3. So Ms In the Net and how do you feel? Exhilarated? Exonerated?
    In Awe? Welcome to your new name and to new beginnings, may you have much joy in your in the freedom of being able to talk about other subjects as much as we shall enjoy reading them 🙂 Applause!! xx

  4. So I shall change the name of your blog on my blog roll? I have SO many things that interest me other than narcissism, although coming to terms with THAT that was at the back of my mind when I began blogging. It doesn’t help that it’s the posts on NPD that bring the majority of people to my blog. Perhaps there’s a huge chunk of the populace hungry for more posts on knee replacement? LOL Always, Jan

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