Still Here, Still Reading

First of all, acknowledgements: I got this idea from Ramblings from a Mum, so thank you, Ramblings!

Over the last four months I’ve been recuperating from a major surgery and as I started to feel better I also started this blog. Now, all healed, it’s time for me to return to work.

Rusty recuperating after surgery
Rusty recuperating after surgery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This means that I won’t be able to make as many comments as I’ve been making – I shall often have to make do with just clicking “like.”

That doesn’t mean that I’m not reading. In fact, I don’t believe in following a blog unless I am going to read it. Otherwise, what’s the point? An attempt at better stats? Well, I suppose, but I believe that that somewhat defeats the point of having a blog. Isn’t it all about putting your writing and ideas out there to get some feedback, whether good or bad?

I have so very much enjoyed getting to “know” some of you. Scott Williams, Kimberly Harding, planetjan, ruleofstupid, Ramblings from a Mum, Teeny Bikini. The ideas, humour and honesty that you share with the rest of us are inspiring. I have learned so much from doing this and from  you, in particular.

To everyone who has either chosen to follow me, to click like, or just to stop and take a look, thank you. I never thought that so many of you would be interested in reading my  stuff.  So, I’m still here and still reading (and writing) – just with a little less time available!

14 thoughts on “Still Here, Still Reading”

  1. I need to be thanking you for your following and kind words on my blog. I’m glad that you have recovered. I hope you enjoy getting back to work and I’ll look forward to the next “Like” as well as your next post.

  2. I too have enjoyed our ‘blendship’. I will miss your comments, but am delighted you are back on your feet again 😀
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment too!

  3. Good luck with your return to work. You’ve just voiced what I’d been suspicious of – that people “like” to improve their own ratings! Your comments on my blog are very much appreciated.

  4. Aren’t you so sweet for acknowledging me in this post. 🙂 I am glad I was the inspiration!. Yes, it is extremely time consuming and hard work commenting on every blog that you follow and to the people that follow you. Your health however is far more important to get on top of, than answering posts. I think all of us are ok with your like click – take it easy Lyn and keep posting when you can PS: Rusty is adorable 🙂 xx

  5. Lynnette – appreciate the comment on my blog today. Will be responding soon. Just wanted to pop by to say I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. I almost feel the need to apologize for this as these “chain awards” can be quite time consuming if you respond to them. Feel free to completely ignore the rules of official acceptance. Just know that I’m glad you’re blogging, what you have to say is important, and hope this helps even more folks to find you.

    1. Thank you Trophy! I very much appreciate the sentiment and also the fact that you don’t mind if I ignore the rules – I don’t care much for the chain awards and feel awkward about how to handle them as in many cases the bloggers who offer them are sincere.

      Courtesy of Teeny Bikini I found the WP Reader’s Choice Awards which seems to me much more apropos although I’m not suggesting that you nominate me – just passing on info, honest! You might also want to check out Teeny’s blog – The Jiggly Bits – she’s edgy and funny and smart and real.

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