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A Woman Speaks ” A Woman’s Voice” My sister, my sister How long have you been silent? Your vision scorched, as the sun set upon the harvest, and still you said nothing? Why, my sister, why? Did you believe in your strength to re-birth? How many times, my sister,…

Homeowner’s Bliss, Part 2

So here I am again and still suffering from my water troubles. I’ve decided that I should consider plumbing as my next career. Reading law? Forget it. Medicine? Too many late nights. Plumbing. Now there’s your ticket. You will be a contented millionaire who is able to take early retirement at age 35. People will […]

Homeowner’s Bliss

I have water troubles. No, not that kind, the other kind. The kind that you find dripping in the basement. A lot of my troubles seem to start there.  If you remember, dear readers, I once found rats down there. If you don’t remember, you can read about them in a post I did called, […]

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Conflict comes because two people are searching for the truth and think they have contradictory information. War comes because someone wants another person to agree with them regardless of the truth. Eventually it was agreed that Jupiter is a Kumquat, and the world was saved. At the root of…

Are You Flagging?

I’ve to some extent discussed before how narcissists fly red flags signalling who and what they are. The problem is that most of us can see that the wind is blowing something around but we don’t know what it is.  If you’re like me, and raised on a sound diet of Hollywood movies, you’re going to […]

A Plague of Narcissists

   I’m really not sure why this didn’t come up as one of the ten plagues of Egypt. I mean, it would have been a really good one to have.  These people look perfectly normal but are harbouring some of the worst characteristics there are. They could have been a sort of fifth column or Typhoid […]