For J

This is for my beloved sister J, who passed away on December 26 after a short struggle with cancer. I love you, J.   You have always been kind and tough and thoughtful and practical. And you learned early how to deal with the family’s narcissists. Before it was popular, you knew a kind of […]

What to do in the event you wake up Tuesday morning and Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister

Originally posted on Drinking Tips for Teens:
[sigh…] 1. Remain calm. 2. Check for structural damage. 3. Be prepared for aftershocks and gloating. 4. Deal with any minor injuries, including cuts, sprains and ideological collapse. 5. Take two minutes to weep in silence behind closed doors so as not to alarm the children. 6. Eat…

Changing, Moving, Growing

When I realized that change was headed my way, I didn’t realize that it was going to be this intense. In July, we sold our house in preparation for a move next year. We packed up all our stuff and trucked it to a rental. I whined about that a couple of posts ago. However, […]